Ramblings from an Evil Monk

I’m still not sure exactly what this is supposed to be. Is it my own rambling thoughts? Some stumbling catharsis as I continue to find my way to who I have become? Or maybe just some life lessons that I want to pass along to my kids?


Perhaps it is my own way of learning, formalizing, and changing my ongoing opinions on my life and my place in this world. At the end of the day, it is what I can make of it. If anyone reads it and finds it worthwhile, even some small portion, feel free to share it with others. If any part of it offends you, you may have missed the point. I’m not doing this out of some compulsion to convert anyone to my way of thought or my point of view, I’m merely sharing my dimly lit insights with the greater consciousness with the faint hope that someone can benefit from it.


I will never claim to be smarter, wiser, or more experienced than anyone else about life in general. All I can speak to is my own experiences in my life…


If you are comfortable with all of that, read on!

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